The BIRO system is a global solution for the international exchange of diabetes information.

The "Meta Registry of Diabetes Data Sources" is the central resource for BIRO user management. It allows EUBIROD partners to autonomously register and manage local data sources that will be used to produce the global report.

For each data source, the following structural characteristics are required:

  • user details (name of the person entering information)
  • site header (contact details of the institution managing data)
  • site profile (data source type and structural characteristics of the catchment area)
  • BIRO Unique Data Source Identifier (NUTS code of the catchment area)

Additionally, we request users to further specify:

  • local data items (consistency/completeness of BIRO parameters at the local source)
  • privacy requirements(privacy performance assessment)

Successful completion of these details allows using the BIRO software in integrated mode to submit aggregate data and produce standardized benchmarking reports in a completely autonomous way.

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